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A major accident can leave you injured, unable to work, and in debt, let unable to afford a lawsuit. Pre-settlement funding from FCA Legal Funding can help keep you on solid financial ground; otherwise, the complexities of a car or other accident case may leave you in limbo until when, or if, a settlement is reached.

Anaheim, a city of over 350,000, is Orange County’s largest city and home of the Disneyland Resort. It is located about 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles. The city is no stranger to automobile accidents, injuries, and fatalities. In 2015, the California Office of Traffic Safety collected information on 3,628 injuries and fatalities due to car accidents. Of those, 932 were speed related and 224 involved motorcycles. There were also 175 hit and run accidents.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, the at-fault party needs to be held accountable. FCA Legal Funding can even provide  attorney funding in Anaheim. Rather than factoring in your credit or requiring collateral, it only accounts for the facts of your case during the approval process, with no upfront costs and no hidden fees.

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Obtain Financial Help During Treatment with Anaheim Lawsuit Funding

Don’t lose hope if you are struggling to pay your bills after a serious accident has kept you from working. FCA Legal Funding works with injury attorneys to obtain cash for plaintiffs while their claim is worked out in court or is being negotiated. Lawsuit funding in Anaheim is process of obtaining an advance on your settlement before it is finalized based on the merits of your case rather than your credit score. If you are an injured plaintiff and are unable to work during your medical treatment or while your case progresses, you can obtain money in the form of an Anaheim lawsuit cash advance towards your settlement.

Wronged parties are often pressured into settling lawsuits sooner at much lower settlement sums than what they actually deserve. With our Anaheim litigation funding and personal injury cash advance, we keep this from happening to our clients by taking the pressure off the claims process. Our clients therefore have a much better chance at obtaining fair compensation.

Legal Funding Solutions for Attorneys and Plaintiffs

The solutions we offer benefit both Anaheim lawyers and claimants during the legal process. Attorneys are all too familiar with the financial struggles of clients that can put cases in jeopardy. Business and administrative expenses, travel, discovery, obtaining witnesses, and other financial requirements need to be considered too. A pending settlement or verdict can be worth millions. Funding firms know this and are willing to help attorneys obtain legal funding and repay their advances.

For a plaintiff, it doesn’t matter how much money is in their bank account or what their credit history is like. You can still be approved for a cash advance. In addition to legal funding for attorneys, FCA Legal Funding provides a more cost-effective solution for plaintiffs than lawsuit loans. If your filing a lawsuit and your financial situation makes it difficult to wait, we can provide you with access to money that is paid back only if your case wins.

Financial Relief for Accident Victims

FCA Legal Funding offers two options as part of our Financial Relief Program. We can accelerate your accident settlement, so you don’t have to wait weeks, months, or years to reach a settlement. Money is pulled out of your future settlement via the reverse mortgage principle. Once your case does settle, the cash advance is paid back as a percentage of the proceeds you receive in the settlement.

Our Lawsuit Cash Advance REFI/Cash Out Program aids those who have previously used funding options, but which have become too expensive to manage. Cash advance refinancing replaces the existing advance with something new. FCA Legal Funding can offer a lower fees. In some cases, you may qualify for a new advance worth more than the old one. At the very least, your client may incur reduced costs. It also shifts the risk to us while enabling you to cash out the amount used to self-fund a client.

What’s Your Case? FCA Legal Funding Has You Covered

There are many different types of cases that can qualify for legal funding. If you need a better alternative to settlement loans, we can fund cases related to:

Personal Injury

Personal Injury: Funding is available if you’re pursuing a:

Suing a negligent or responsible party is a challenge, but personal injury lawsuit funding in Anaheim may be just what you need.

Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents: Whether a vehicular accident in Anaheim involved a car, tractor-trailer or bicycle, we can help. We also fund:

Product Liability

Product Liability: Defective auto parts subject to recall may cause accidents before they can be fixed or replaced. Consumer and industrial product liability may also be covered by powerful insurance companies and law firms, but we can help keep your case going.

FCA Legal Funding also finances other notoriously tough cases involving defective medical devices, including knee replacements, hip implants, and hernia mesh. Pre-settlement funding in Anaheim can be approved for labor law and pharmaceuticals cases as well as NFL, NCAA, NHL, and WWE concussion lawsuits. We can fund settled cases of all types, and handle case or receivable financing, medical or doctor receivables, and surgery funding.

Legal Funding vs. Lawsuit Loans

Some personal injury plaintiffs opt for lawsuit loans in Anaheim, which don’t ease the financial burden they typically face. An injury loan may appear to be a financial backing. However, your obligation to pay back the loan is heightened by high fees and requirements to start paying no matter what. On the other hand, legal funding only requires you to repay if your case wins. There is also no credit check that can put your approval at risk.

We offer direct funding; there’s no middleman, no upfront costs, and no hidden fees. No out-of-pocket payment means no added financial strain. Future payments are taken directly out of your settlement, with plenty to spare. With FCA Legal Funding, even if your case loses, you still win—keep the money to cover your daily expenses, medical bills, lost wages, rent groceries, family obligations, and litigation costs.

Apply Now or Call FCA Legal Funding to See If You Qualify

Find out if you qualify today by filling out our online application form. It takes less than 10 minutes. Once we contact your attorney and discuss your case, you may be approved within 24 hours. There is no fee to apply for direct funding and no penalty for declining our offer. Our process is paperless and simple.

If you’re seeking lawsuit funding in Anaheim to cover your expenses or litigation financing for attorneys, apply now or call FCA Legal Funding today at 310-424-5176 to learn more.

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