Accident Lawsuit Timeline

The Legal Funding You Need Anywhere in California

If you have recently been in a serious accident where you were injured, the last thing you what to think about is where your lawsuit funding will come from.  FCA Legal Funding works hard to keep the process of obtaining funding simple so you can focus on getting your life back together and healing from your injuries.

No matter what type of accident you were in, your first step should be to obtain the medical attention you need.  This may seem obvious, but you need to also consider that the insurance adjuster will argue that your injuries were not all that serious to begin with if you chose not to seek medical attention in the aftermath of the accident.

If you were injured in the accident, it is in your best interests to retain a personal injury attorney to handle your claim.  This should be done as soon as possible so they have ample time to put a strong case for compensation together.  Take your time choosing the best attorney for the job: consider their experience with similar accident suits and the track record of each before signing a fee agreement.

When does settlement funding come into play?

Once you have retained an attorney, this is the time to speak with FCA Legal Funding about getting a lawsuit cash advance.  You need to give your attorney the time they need to litigate effectively rather than settling early to obtain your settlement, and because such injury claims can take so long, pre-settlement funding is the optimal way to get a cash advance on your settlement so you can pay your bills and living expenses until your case is resolved.

Your attorney will begin a preliminary investigation to determine 3 things:

  • Who is responsible for the accident?
  • What injuries were caused by the accident?
  • Who is the insurance provider that should issue compensation?


Your attorney will make use of all relevant case information and documentation such as records, police reports, medical statements, and other related evidence compiled in an attempt to resolve the claim without the need for courtroom litigation to ensure a quicker settlement.

Your attorney may send a Demand Package to the insurance company if they believe an easy settlement is possible, otherwise they will file suit against the insurance company. The insurance company then assesses the claim and makes an initial settlement offer. Only in rare  cases will the insurance company offers the maximum amount of the insurance policy. You, as the injured party, may decide to accept the settlement or not.


If the insurance company is unwilling to offer you the financial compensation you deserve, your attorney can file a formal injury lawsuit which could eventually bring your case to court.


Mediation is a way of resolving disputes between attorneys who are attempting to land on an agreeable settlement amount. A judge may order Mediation before proceeding to trial wherein a third party, or Mediator, assists in helping parties reach a settlement. Once a settlement is reached, the insurance company issues compensation within weeks and the lawsuit is dropped.


Otherwise, the case may be tried before a judge or a jury depending on the extent of the claim. A trial can last days or months or even years and can cost a lot of money in lawyer fees. There is no way to accurately predict the outcome of the case, and insurance companies typically have huge budgets to pay elite attorneys.


Obtain Pre-Settlement Funding with FCA Legal Funding

For those seriously injured in an accident, FCA Legal Funding can work directly with you and your attorney to forward you the cash you need within 48 hours of filling out our online application.  There is no paperwork involved and no credit check is required.  Your cash advance is based solely on the merits of your case!  In the event that your case is lost, you won’t have to repay anything, so get started today.

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